Vietnam loses 9 rare flora and fauna species

According to Vietnam Red Book 2007, the nine newly extinct species in the wild in Vietnam comprise four forest animal species (two-horn rhino, tapir, water civet and grey ox); four aquatic animal species (Vietnamese carp – Procypris merus, Japanese eel – Anguilla japonica, Cyprinus multitaeniata and Lilac crocodile – Crocodylus porosus); and one species of plant (Vietnamese paphiopedium).

The latest Red Book reveals the worrying situation about the reduction of Vietnamese flora and fauna resources as the number of endangered species has risen dramatically: 900 species of endangered wild fauna and flora in 2007 compared to around 700 in 1992-1996.

Tran Ngoc Cuong of the Environmental Protection Agency said Vietnam’s biodiversity is now at an alarming level. Biodiversity now almost exclusively exists in mountainous regions where humans can’t easily trespass.

However, there is good news from the Red Book: some species that are thought to be extinct in Vietnam are living in neighbouring countries, such as the grey ox, two-horn rhino, tapir, etc. Some endangered species are recovering thanks to Vietnam’s preservation efforts, such as the white-headed langur, python, some species of pheasants, among others.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

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    Untung masih ada yang selamat.

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