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Poaching boom is once again threatening the world’s rhinos

Rhino killed

Rhino killed

Poaching crisis as rhino horn demand booms in Asia

July 2009. Rhino poaching worldwide is poised to hit a 15-year-high driven by increased demand in Asia, according to new research.

Poachers in Africa and Asia are killing an ever increasing number of rhinos-an estimated two to three a week in some areas-to meet a growing demand for horns believed in some countries to have medicinal value, according to a briefing to a key international wildlife trade body by WWF, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and their affiliated wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC.

12 rhinos killed every month in South Africa and Zimbabwe
An estimated three rhinos were illegally killed each month in all of Africa from 2000-05, out of a population of around 18,000. In contrast, 12 rhinoceroses now are being poached each month in South Africa and Zimbabwe alone, the three groups told the 58th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Standing Committee this week in Geneva.

“Illegal rhino horn trade to destinations in Asia is driving the killing, with growing evidence of involvement of Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai nationals in the illegal procurement and transport of rhino horn out of Africa,” the briefing states.

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Rhino Population is on the rise in Africa

Coastweek – – African rhinos have reached record numbers for the first time in decades, but the Northern white rhino (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) is on the brink of extinction.

The figures, complied by the IUCN Species Survival Commission African Rhino Specialist Group, show there are now more than 21,000 African rhinos.

According to the results, the white rhino (Ceratotherium simum) has increased from 14,540 in 2005 to 17,480 in 2007.

It is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species(tm), but one of its two subspecies, the Northern white rhino, is listed as Critically Endangered and is on the brink of extinction.

It is restricted in the wild to Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the only remaining population was reduced by poaching from 30 in April 2003 to only four confirmed animals by August 2006.

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Zambia Receives Five Black Rhinos From Country

As part of a relocation agreement between South Africa, Namibia and Zambia, five black rhinos were flown to Zambia on Wednesday.

Black rhinos are highly endangered and four of the five animals were selected from South Africa’s flagship game reserve, the Kruger National Park.

“This translocation shows that we are definitely committed to regional conservation and are certainly not xenophobic when it comes to creating more habitat for Africa’s endangered species,” said the Kruger’s managing executive, Dr Bandile Mkhize.

According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which has banned all international trade of rhino parts and products, there are less than 4 000 black rhinos in the wild today.

Most are found in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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