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Budapest Zoo celebrates successful artificial insemination of endangered white rhino

Rhino Lulu, photo:

“There were many trials of artificial insemination, but Budapest zoo’s female rhino, called Lulu, is the first that got the baby and the whole insemination took place at the beginning of April.”

So how big is the small white baby rhino at this moment?
“I can’t tell you exactly the size. On the 22nd of August we made a 3-d ultra sound examination. That time the rhino baby was 18 centimetres long, so, not so big at this moment… But, you have to know that rhinos and births happens, can be around 40 to 50 kilos.”
So it’s a very small rhino at this moment. Is this normal? Is this ok?
“Yes, very ok. It’s very interesting because a female rhino can be within 2000 and 2500 kilos, and if you consider that a baby is around 50, it’s really a huge difference, because if you see the new born calf, it can be around 30 kilos, so it’s very normal, and with rhinos.”

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