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Cloning alternative may help save white rhino

White Rhino @ TelegraphTelegraph – A novel kind of test tube reproduction is to be used to help save one of the world’s rarest animals – the northern white rhino – which is on the brink of extinction with few, if any, individuals left in the wild.

Cloning has been used before in efforts to help preserve endangered wildcats, ox and sheep but the method is controversial because it is very inefficient and conservationists also believe it is a distraction from the underlying problem of preserving wild habitats.

Now the Institute for Breeding Rare and Endangered African Mammals in Edinburgh has approached Dr Thomas Hildebrandt at Berlin Zoo and Sir Ian Wilmut’ and Dr Paul De Sousa at the University of Edinburgh to find a way to test an alternative to conventional cloning methods that could help northern white rhino repopulate the grasslands of north-east Africa.

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Stolen rhino horns could be deadly

S.Africa museum says stolen rhino horns could be deadly
Mon 14 Apr 2008, 13:52 GMT

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Two 19th century rhino horns stolen from a South African museum could be deadly if sold as a popular aphrodisiac because they are drenched in poison, a museum official said on Monday.

The “priceless” horns were snatched from a display at the historic mammal gallery in Cape Town on Saturday evening, said Jatti Bredekamp, chief executive of Iziko Museums.

“Unknowingly, the thieves have exposed themselves to more than the danger of arrest and prosecution,” Bredekamp said in a statement.

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Officials get a feel of project

Rhino @ PobitoraPobitora, April 11: It was nothing short of a war zone at the Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, the venue of Assam’s rhino translocation project.

The paramilitary forces and forest personnel had sealed all the entry routes for outsiders from 4am to 4pm.

No one knew what was happening inside, except that the wireless messages kept informing the forest personnel on the developments.

Finally at 4pm, when the news came on the operation being called off after two male rhinos were tranquillised out of the targeted four, the expressions on the faces of exhausted field personnel conducting the operation were those of relief.

“Spending hours under the sun was too much. Today we came to know what translocation is all about,” a field official admitted.

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Potter Park Zoo’s last rhino dies

JEREMY HERLICZEK/Lansing State Journal file photoPotter Park Zoo’s last remaining black rhino is dead.

The rare animal died Sunday evening.

“I think her immune system just gave out,” said zoo veterinarian Tara Harrison.

Ebony had suffered more than a year with a bacterial infection that had caused severe damage to each of her feet and prompted multiple surgeries.

Her feet were on the mend, but in the meantime, the rhino developed pneumonia and had become anemic.

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Committee on Rhino Protection Set Up

Harare – Zimbabwe

Stakeholders in wildlife conservation have set up a national committee on rhino protection to curb poaching and come up with an emergency action plan to raise awareness on poaching of the endangered species in the country.

The committee, which includes the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as well as various non-governmental organisations, will help in seeking funds to increase anti-poaching programmes for other endangered animals that are increasingly under threat from international poachers.

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